The Fat Burn Training Zone

So as promised in my last post today we’re talking about training intensities and the training zone for burning that fat. Unfortunately for us fat cells can store an almost infinite amount of fat and once you’ve got it the body tries it’s best to keep it!

So what can we do about it? Well the first step would obviously be changes to diet. No point in burning it only to replace it. We’ll cover more of that next week. The last post covered how to calculate training intensities and you’ll need to read that to help calculate your own. There is a lot of research into maximal fat oxidation or the most effective fat burning method. These range from 56-75% and in my experience this is spot on. Fat burning takes place after 20 minutes of exercise which is when the energy system that uses fat as it’s main fuel kicks in.

So to sum things up to burn that fat exercise for more than 20 minutes at an intensity between 56-75%. The higher range of that intensity will also greatly benefit your cardiovascular system as well.

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