Disability Group Exercise

TG fitness group exercise classes are a great way to encourage exercise for those with a disability in a residential, activity and respite centre in Surrey. The benefits of regular physical activity are widely known but regular physical activity is difficult to put into practice for a variety of reasons. In order to overcome this we have developed a 8- 12 week training programme improving the participants knowledge of healthier lifestyle choices, ability to exercise independently and adherence to regular physical activity. We use a variety of teaching methods to accomplish this but every session starts with participants being weighed and ends with physical training.

The course details are as follows:
Session Duration: 45 minutes
Course Duration: 8- 12 weeks
Cost: £40- 60 per person paid in advance (£5 per session) missed sessions are not refundable.
Group Size: 8- 12
We can adapt the programme to suit the needs and abilities of the participants and additional support should be provided by support/ key worker where needed.

Week 1- 2 (Physical Assessment)
At the beginning of each 12 week course we measure height, weight, blood pressure, BMI and perform physiological tests suitable to the groups ability.

Week 3- 4 (Healthy Eating/ Benefits of Exercise)
Learn about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, portion size/ control and how certain food groups are metabolised. With aerobics to end each session.

Week 5- 7 (Aerobics)
Learn different aerobic exercises and be able to lead an aerobics class.

Week 8- 10 (Circuit Training)
Learn muscular endurance exercises and be able to create a circuit.

Week 11- 12 (Physical Assessment)
At the conclusion of each 12 week course we remeasure height, weight, blood pressure, BMI and the physiological tests and compare the results.