SEN Exercise Therapy

TG fitness offers a specialist exercise therapy service to SEN schools working with students in receipt of Pupil Premium. Our extensive experience with both disability personal training and PE instruction in SEN schools gives us the understanding of the challenges that this special population face both in the present and future. This allows us to apply a range of interventions in order to maximise each student’s potential outcomes.

Some of the benefits we have seen with our current students include:

    1. Improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance
    2. Increase in mobility, balance and coordination
    3. Increase in range of motion
    4. Reduced stress and anxiety
    5. Improved mental health
    6. Sportsmanship in competitive activities
    7. Knowledge of healthier lifestyle choices
    8. Increased physical activity outside of school
    9. Increased confidence and visual self-image

All outcomes are measured using a variety of physiological, biomechanical and psychological assessments. This enables analysis of the effectiveness of the services and providing evidence of what works for each individual student.

Table 1. Performance increase of 6 students after a 4 week training intervention.

Locomotor Skill Assessment10 mins Treadmill (miles)# Wall Push Ups in 30 secs# Seated Sit Ups in 30 secs
Average (6 students)

22nd Feb 2017

Average (6 students)

29th Mar 2017

Percentage Increase23.3%8.7%23.8%42%


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