Elaine & Kevin – “We found Tom Facebook. The fitness programme he was offering fitted perfectly with what we were looking for for our (then) 20 year old son. Tom contacted us quickly and was, and still is, very understanding of Jason’s needs. He knew exactly what to ask and how to build a relationship with our son. Tom met with both myself and my husband and we were filled with confidence that he was the man for the job. Jason has become fitter, slimmer and more sociable. For a young person that really didn’t like to take part in anything too energetic, he has done amazingly well, all down to Tom’s skills and professionalism. We highly recommend Tom and TG Fitness!”

Anissa – “The sessions are fun and exercise is good for my heart.”

Annie – “I like running and doing press ups. It’s helping me keep fit and lose weight.”

Ben – “The sessions make me happy because I have lost over a stone in weight.”

Sarah – “TG fitness has helped me lose weight and to be more active! I enjoy the different exercises.”

Yves – “It has helped me lower my blood pressure and run for longer.”

David – “I like doing all of the exercises and it’s helped me lose almost 2 stone.”

Stuart – “It’s good that I can have help exercising at home and I now know what’s healthy and what isn’t healthy.”

Fliss – “It’s helped me with my weight because I was obese, but now I’m eating healthier and I exercise more which helps me get more fit and with me CP.”

Charlie – “TG fitness helps me keep fit and I really enjoy the different exercises. It’s helped me with my mobility.”

Jack – “I really like our sessions because it’s helping me lose weight to get back into horse riding.”

Michele – “I like exercising with Tom because he’s very good, he makes me laugh and I enjoy playing the games.”

Mathew – “Since September 2011 I have had Tom who has helped me in the following areas; confidence, weight loss, changing my diet, helping me with stress and personal issues. I have lost 2 stone in weight, gained confidence and look forward to each session with Tom because he understands my disability so explains things so I understand.”

Tash – “I have been working with Tom for about 3 months.  The first session we sat down took measurements and wrote down my goals.  Before I started to work with Tom I got big, depressed and also have problems with a swollen leg.  I find Tom to be very understanding and supportive especially when I am low.  He encourages me to try my best in achieving my goals, keeps me on track with my daily exercising and goes through various meals options to ensure I have a healthy balanced diet.  I would recommend Tom to my friends if they were looking for a Personal Trainer as I know he would help them to achieve their goals.”

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